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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Pigs Will Be Very Happy!

My special order came in today....I got a total of 94 boxes of Ronzoni Quick Cook pasta.

And 156 bags of Wacky Mac pasta.  The Ronzoni Quick Cook pasta is for our five little pigs, and the Wacky Mac pasta will be for our pasta salads for the next two years!  Haha, this is actually kindof funny, I have never bought this much before at one time, let alone do a special order!  I had my neice there to help me out, Thanks Molly!

So....Total Retail Cost: $450
Total cost after coupons/sales: $42!
I calculated $42/156 (Wacky Mac)  equals out to .28 a bag!  And wait, I have more coupons coming in the mail tomorrow.  Let's see if I have the energy to go get more pasta!

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