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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boring Week at CVS

Well CVS is a snore week this week, but I decided to pick up the free after ECB stuff.  So this was all FREE!  The Green bag tags are kind of neat though, and I always meant to pick one up at the store, but since they were $.99 and each one printed out a $.99 ECB this was my week to get them.  So you tie these onto one of your reuseable shopping bags, and every fourth time you use the bag a $1 ECB will print on your reciept.  This is the best program at a store that I have seen for using reusable bags.  The only other store that gives you "bag credits" in our area is Target, and it's a measly $.05!

This sale is good through Tues, so go pick yours up today!  For the rest of the weekly deals check out Hip2Save.

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