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Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick Shaw's Trip

This was a nice and easy trip to Shaw's, minus the part about my two year old trying to get into the meat department!  For some reason he likes to run away in the grocery store, especially while I am trying to check out! 
 I split this up into two transactions, so I could use two of the $2/25 Shaw's purchase coupons, and the total for both was... $33! 

 Yes, that is three lbs of Perdue chicken breast, and two lbs of hamburg!  I think we will have marinated chicken on the grill tonight. 

 The marinades were only $.69 after coupons, the McCormick seasoning packets and tuna ended up free, and the Viva paper towels were $.29 a roll.  I was waiting for them to go on sale, but they haven't, and I have a lot of the $.85/1 coupons for those which are expiring Sunday.


  1. I just found your bog today and I love it! I'll be checking back daily to see what wonderful deals you have to share with us!!

  2. Thanks Jenniffer!!! That means so much to me because your my first comment! I hope you enjoy what your reading and hopefully get an awesome deal because you heard it from me!