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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good deal on Diapers and Paper Towels!!

In case any wanted to see what I bought today...

First I went to Shaw's and used up the rest of my high value $.85/1 Viva paper towels which doubled to $1.70.  The cashier was nice enough to let me do three transactions so I could use them all up today and not have to go back before Sunday.  I wished they had been on sale, but .29/roll isn't a bad price.

After Shaw's I headed to Rite Aid to do a much more complicated purchase. 

This was split into two identical transactions and looked something like this....

(2) Huggies diapers $17.98
(1) Pediacare Cough and Cold medicine $4.99
(4) Cadbury eggs $2

-$3/15 survey coupon
- $3 Huggies
-$3 Huggies
-$1 Pediacare
-$1 mars candy
-$1 mars candy

Total $12.97  Paid with $10 up reward, and recieved 2 $1 up rewards from Huggies and $3 up reward from Pediacare.  There is also a $1 SCR I will submit for.  Now repeat the same transaction again...

Grand total for both transactions.....  FREE

And check the bottoms of your reciepts, I got two more $3/15 purchase survey coupons!!  I feel like one is printing with everyone of my transactions!

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